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The flooring in your home should reflect the unique personality of your family. New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros will help you choose the best residential flooring to meet the needs of your home. We can make any room in your house look fantastic. 


Transform your bathroom so it is a place in your house where you can get ready for your upcoming day and relax when you come home. We have a wide range of flooring that makes it easy to keep your bathroom beautiful and clean. Tile filing is an excellent option for those places in your house that get wet. Your shower is definitely one of those places. Showers can be stylish as well as functional. 

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Bathrooms have wet surfaces and high humidity levels that demand a great deal from the floor. Although many interior designers, business owners, and homeowners are attracted to attractive flooring materials, it is essential to choose flooring that can weather the unique conditions and high temperatures of the bathroom. New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros has various bathroom flooring solutions to offer than can withstand bathroom wear. With more than 35 years of flooring industry experience is here to offer you the resources and knowledge you need to create the ideal bathroom that meets all of your needs and preferences.

Things to Consider

There are numerous things that need to be considered when choosing the best flooring option for your bathroom. Whether you are searching for a colorful and creative look or a formal and elegant bathroom design, there are various materials for you to choose from. The following are three of the best bathroom flooring options:


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles can transform any area with style and sophistication. Natural clay minerals are used to make ceramic tiles and are resistant to odors, stains, and scratches and are very easy to clean. They came in various finishes, textures, colors, shapes, and styles.



A vinyl floor is an excellent flooring option for areas that have high foot traffic. It has a look and feel that is similar to real hardwood, ceramic tile, and slate floor. 

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    Bathrooms need durable floor materials that are able to withstand high humidity levels and daily foot traffic. The factors below will help you determine what you need in your flooring solution for your bathroom

    • Budget and costs
    • Maintenance requirements
    • Foot traffic and durability
    • Style – modern, traditional, colorful, patterned
    • Radiant heat
    • Humidity and heat 

    Our Approach

    The number one goal at New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros is to provide you with the finest quality materials and service.  We will maintain or create your business image or transform your home while delivering affordable and innovative flooring solutions. Our specialists have the experience and knowledge that you can rely on and all of the products that we offer come with warranties.


    Our business takes great pride in all of our work and we go above and beyond to ensure we satisfy our customers. For your free estimate, call us today at 203-717-4263 so we can serve you.

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