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    Here at New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros, we understand that remodeling a bathroom is about more than just dealing with surface details. Our experienced staff not only focuses on designing beautiful bathrooms but also on ensuring that the space is as functional as possible.

    We can help you create the bathroom of your dreams, changing everything from the flooring and tile to the countertops. No other remodeling contractors in New Haven compare. Our services are guaranteed to leave you speechless when you see how stunning the finished space turns out.

    Our professionally trained staff can help you with all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Some of the services we provide include:


    Remodeling entire bathrooms

    Installing showers

    Renovating showers

    Converting bathtubs to showers

    Replacing bathtubs

    – Creating design ideas for bathroom spaces

    Replacing bathroom flooring

    – And much more…



    Boosts your property’s value

    A tremendous rise in your home’s value can be witnessed when you remodel your bathroom beautifully. Most buyers in this day and age prioritize the state of the bathroom when they are house hunting.

    Incorporation of energy-efficient features
    Not only is going green great for the environment but also your billfold. You can save cash that you’d spend on utility bills by installing new energy-efficient or by simply updating old fixtures.

    Addition of smart storage locations
    There’s nothing like too much storage! The addition of some counters for the storage of linens and towels shouldn’t be disregarded.

    Refreshed Look And Feel 
    Bathroom remodeling is a superb way to extremely makeover your bathroom. You can opt to have a more traditional look or an ultramodern look. This gives your bathroom a new lease of life

    Our Services



    The sink is one of the focal points of your bathroom, which is why it is important to choose one that works well with the overall style of the space.

    Area rugs


    Our professional bathtub installer can get our products installed as soon as just one day without having to compromise the quality level of our workmanship.



    When you hire us to remodel your shower, we will create a customized solution that is designed specifically for your needs.



    You can choose from a broad selection of wood species as well as colorful paints and stains to completely transform your bathroom to make it a special space that is a reflection of your own preferences and tastes.

    Key Benefits Of Renovating A Bathroom

    • Add Value To Your Property. Creating an eye-catching bathroom that is modern and up-to-date can add value to your home. Your property will usually appeal to more buyers if it has a nice bathroom since that is one of the primary things that most people look for.
    • Make your home more environmentally-friendly. Installing low-flow toilets, showerheads, and faucets and energy-saving light fixtures is a great way to protect the environment.
    • Create innovative storage spaces. When you remodel your bathroom, you can incorporate creative storage solutions, making it easier to keep items like linens or bathroom accessories out of sight.
    • Enjoy a fresher, more modern design. Over time, bathrooms can become quite dated. Renovating the space is a great way to make it look more modern, adding beauty to your home.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    Expert Credentials

    For competent workmanship, bathroom contractors need to be licensed, bonded, and insured. You should not only hire a company that deals with bathroom renovations but also one that is reputable in the society. This ensures your remodeling is finished successfully.

    Professional Results

    Thanks to our skill and experience, you can trust that the finished project will come out beautifully, with high-quality craftsmanship and stunning attention to detail.

    Quick Completion Times.

    When you work with New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros, you can be sure that the project will be completed on time. We work hard to minimize disruptions and delays. We also ensure that the project is properly permitted and that all of the required inspections are completed on time.

    Affordable Rates.

    Our well-established relationships within the industry allow us to get discounts on high-quality bathroom products. We pass those savings along to you.

    On-The-Job Safety During A Renovation

    Bathroom remodeling projects can be quite risky if proper precautions aren’t taken. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could accidentally get hurt or killed. That is why most experts recommend leaving renovations like these in the hands of the pros. Every member of our team has undergone safety training to minimize the risk of on-the-job injuries. Working with a professional contractor is the best way to improve safety throughout the project.


    Remodeling And Renovating Bathrooms

    Thanks to their experience, our contractors can take on even the toughest bathroom remodeling challenges with ease, transforming a dull, lifeless space into a bathroom that you can be proud of.

    Flooring Installations

    From a visual standpoint, the floor is one of the primary features of any bathroom, which is why it is so important to choose the right flooring. Our team of experts can help you select flooring that not only looks beautiful but also is durable enough to stand up to normal wear and tear.

    Creating Custom Vanities For Bathroom Spaces

    Custom vanities add a lot more character to bathrooms than off-the-shelf vanities that you can buy at any store. Installing a vanity that is specifically designed for your space is the best way to ensure that it perfectly matches the look of the rest of your bathroom.

    Repairing And Installing Showers

    The majority of bathroom remodeling projects in New Haven include replacing the shower. Not only does a new shower create a more up-to-date look but it also makes showering a lot more enjoyable. Let us put our expertise to work for you, whether that means repairing your existing shower or installing a new one.

    Design Ideas For Bathrooms

    At New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros, we have a keen eye for design. Our experts will work with you to turn the picture you have in your mind of your perfect bathroom into reality. Remodeling a bathroom can be quite expensive. It is important to make sure that your investment adds value to your home.

    While coming up with a bathroom design seems like it would be an easy task, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. As you start thinking about your bathroom design, consider the questions below to determine which style is the best choice:

    • Is the primary purpose of the bathroom renovation to increase the value of your home or are you more focused on creating a soothing space where you can relax in a warm bath?
    • Is your existing bathroom large enough?
    • Do you want the design of your new bathroom to reflect your personal taste and style?

    Designing A Bathroom

    New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros knows what it takes to create bathrooms that are functional and stylish. We sit down with you and go through the available choices, ranging from flooring and cabinets to hardware, shower doors, and toilets. We also discussed smaller details like knobs and vents to ensure that every part of your bathroom captures your style.

    Designing A Custom Bathroom

    Bathroom design requires a lot of skill and expertise. Hiring an experienced company like New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros is the best way to ensure that you get beautiful results. In New Haven, our business has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and high-quality designs, making us one of the leading bathroom remodeling companies in the area.

    Renovating Bathrooms

    Renovating a bathroom is a challenging project that requires careful planning. Before work begins, you need to know exactly what features and accessories you are going to install. Careful consideration needs to be put into the planning process to ensure that the bathroom is as functional as possible. Some of the key components of any bathroom remodeling project are highlighted below.

    The Layout And Flow Of The Bathroom

    Making the space as functional as possible involves choosing the ideal layout. When designing the floor plan, you need to not only think about how the bathroom will look but also how the space will function. Don’t forget to take into account the location of your plumbing pipes. Based on the current layout of your bathroom, you may be limited in terms of where you can place specific features unless you are willing to undertake major plumbing renovations.

    The Bathtub

    Adding a bathtub to your bathroom is practically essential. Today, there are more bathtub designs than ever available, making it easy to find one that will work well in your space. Choosing a freestanding bathtub is a good option if you want to make a style statement. For smaller spaces, recessed bathtubs are a better choice. Disabled or elderly homeowners can benefit from accessible bathtubs.

    The Sink And Vanity

    If you live with someone else and you both get ready for work at the same time, installing a double vanity is an excellent option. The right vanity can also increase your storage space significantly. When choosing a vanity, make sure that it complements the other fixtures in your bathroom.

    The Fittings And Fixtures

    When choosing fittings and fixtures, consider both practicality and design. Today, faucets are available in many different finishes including stainless steel, brass, chrome, and gold. Fixtures like the toilet, shower, bathtub, and sink add functionality to the bathroom while also enhancing its appearance.

    Bathroom Tiles

    In bathrooms, tiles can be used on floors, walls, shower stalls, and anywhere else where there are flat surfaces. Consider visiting a tile showroom in person to find the perfect tile for your remodeling project.

    Bathroom Mirrors

    Mirrors not only serve a practical purpose in bathrooms but they also help make the space feel larger. They are available in a lot of different styles, ranging from custom medallion shapes to standard framed mirrors.

    Bathroom Flooring

    When you walk into a bathroom, one of the first things that you see is the floor. To make the space as attractive as possible, you should choose beautiful bathroom flooring that works well with all of the fixtures and accessories in the space. Make sure that the flooring is durable and waterproof so that it will last for many years to come

    Installing Bathroom Sinks

    Drains that are too shallow can be problematic. Water that runs from the faucet into the sink should make its way straight down the drain. If the drain is too shallow, however, water may stay in the bowl of the sink, draining too slowly. This can leave water standing in the bottom of the sink.

    Without proper drainage, sinks can become covered with built-up soap scum and clumps of hair. This can cause pipes to become clogged, resulting in unwanted odors. Although cleaning the sink regularly can help keep problems like these at bay, it is much better to install the sink properly in the first place.

    Accessories For Bathrooms

    Popular Finishes

    We work hard to ensure that your new bathroom reflects the vision that you had in your head. That means helping you find everything from the perfect vanity to beautiful light fixtures to enhance your space.

    Bathroom Vanities

    Our vanities are constructed out of real wood using high-quality joints. They come in many different finishes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to customize the look of your bathroom. These durable, long-lasting designs will remain beautiful for many years to come.

    Bathroom Sinks

    We have many varieties available, including both undermount and above-the-counter models. We carry space-saving pedestal sinks, as well, which are ideal for use in small spaces.

    Bathroom Lighting

    For many people, lighting is often an afterthought when remodeling a bathroom. As it turns out, however, it is one of the most important features in the space. The right lighting can enhance the functionality of the room while at the same time making it look more attractive.

    Interesting Facts About Bathroom Renovations

    Remodeling your bathroom is an excellent investment. Not only do renovations like these improve the appearance and function of your bathroom but they also add value to your home. In fact, studies have shown that having an up-to-date bathroom can boost the resale value of your home by more than 60%.

    Bathroom renovations are excellent DIY projects. While tasks like plumbing and electrical work should be handled by the pros, there are plenty of opportunities for DIYers to get their hands dirty with bathroom remodeling projects.

    Light, airy bathrooms feel bigger than dark spaces. To make your bathroom look as big as possible, choose bright colors and ensure that there is plenty of natural light.


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    The New Haven Bathroom Remodeling Pros Promise

    Working with a contractor that provides a guarantee is one of the most effective ways to put your mind at ease when taking on a bathroom renovation.

    After talking to a lot of customers over the years, one thing that we commonly hear is that people are frustrated by the warranties provided by most manufacturers. Typically, these warranties only last for a year. Contractors are similar. Most of them only guarantee their labor for a year after the project has been completed. We take things a step further, standing behind the quality of our work.

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